George Orwell s’ Figures of Speech in Animal Farm



  • Sydeda Sumaira Khurram



 This research paper aims to investigate the figures of speech in Animal farm. One of the aims of a literary text is to say as much as possible as briefly as possible, which means to say more in few words to achieve maximum effectiveness. Orwell uses personification in the novel Animal Farm to portray people of power and the common people during the Russian Revolution and to describe his feelings at that time. The study used the analytic method which found that: the writer wants to convey his message of this novel implicitly and indirectly, so he has used more types of figures of speech that have figurative meaning beyond their meaning. Many people read Animal Farm as a fable novel without paying attention to figurative meaning or discover what beyond the novel so Orwell succeeded in sending his message at the time that impossible to write directly about the policy, so he used figures of speech which decorated Animal farm and made them a unique novel among Orwell’s novels.